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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of VAZNIKY-STRECHY.EU
Ing. Jiřina Veverková
IČ: 02558491
truss dealer and roofing – broker
Blažim 124
440 01 Blažim


1. General provisions, subject of the contract

VAZNIKY-STRECHY.EU – Ing. Jiřina Veverková (hereinafter referred to as the „broker“) is a seller who arranges the sale of trusses and roofs for roofs – manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as „the producer“).
The mediation of the sale of trusses and roofs is performed by the intermediary on the basis of a contract for the sale of trusses, roofing, assembly, transport (hereinafter referred to as „the service“) concluded with manufacturer. The manufacturer is certified in the industry and capable of doing business.

These Terms and Conditions of Business (hereinafter referred to as „GTC“) govern (i) the conditions under which the broker mediates the sale of the service offered by the manufacturer, (ii) the procedure for ordering the service and (iii) the conditions for the conclusion and establishment of a contract between the manufacturer and the person listed in the price offer (hereinafter referred to as „CN“) as the ordering party „Ordering“) and / or the person in whose favor the contract will be concluded (hereinafter referred to as the „Customer“, hereinafter „the Contract“). However, observing the obligations stipulated in the GTC fully corresponds to the ordering.

The mediation of the sale of the service provided by the manufacturer is characterized in particular by the mediator’s obligation to mediate the conclusion of the contract between the manufacturer and the customer, the subject of which will be the provision of the service by the manufacturer – services selected by the customer and listed in the CN. The broker only mediates the manufacturer’s services for customer. The parties to the contract are the manufacturer and the customer.

The mutual rights and obligations of the manufacturer and customer under the contract are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Payment of the Manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as the „Manufacturer’s Terms“) and CN. The mutual rights and obligations of the broker and the customer governing mediation of the sale of the service are governed by GBTC and CN.

2. Order the service

2.1. Service request

Customer demand services carried out (all the „demand service“) (i) either by filling out the contact form on the website of the provider (www.vaznikystrechy.eu) and its subsequent sending (the „online inquiry“) (ii) by telephone consultation with a representative of the agent (hereinafter referred to as „telephone inquiry“); or (iii) by e-mail (offer@zavniky-strechy.eu) by sending to the intermediary (hereinafter referred to as „e-mail inquiry“). In any case, the service request is non-binding. The agent reserves the right to demand services and unanswered customer to refuse, especially if obsahujeli demand services are incomplete, incorrect, false and / or contradictory information.

2.2. Confirmation of service demand

2.2.1 On-line demand, telephone demand and e-mail demand

After submitting the online demand, e-mail after making a demand or request telephone provider sends the customer an e-mail from (nabídka@vazniky-strechy.eu) with instructions to provide information and documents to the possibility of processing quotations (calculations) and possibly . other backgrounds. The customer is required to check all the details given in the offer and other documents sent by the intermediary to the customer. The intermediary does not respond to the customer for damage caused by the indication of incorrect data in the request.

After checking the quotations and other documents sent by the provider to the customer signs a customer quote and send it by e-mail to nabídka@vazniky-strechy.eu or by mail to the provider. The bid is only required to sign the bid.

2.2.2 Personal order

Upon personal request, he signs the ordering quotation with the broker. Article 2.2.1 shall apply mutatis mutandis.


3. Contract, payment of the service

3.1 Contract

The contractual relationship arises on the basis of the documents and / price quotations between the broker and the customer exclusively and only with the manufacturer of the contract contracted. The price is valid on the basis of the submitted documents and included in the price offer. The agent guarantees the price quoted in the price offer for 6 months from the customer’s confirmation. An increase in the price may only be due to unforeseen originals.

3.2 Payment of the service

The fulfillment and commencement of production by the customer with the ordered service at the producer will occur only after payment of 80% of the total price stated in the price offer (hereinafter referred to as „80% price“). It is possible to pay the total price.

If the customer and the manufacturer are concerned, they can be different.
Payment of the total price, or 80% of the price (in these GTC also only „payment of the service“) the customer is entitled to do as follows:
in cash at the manufacturer’s office; or
cash deposit at the expense of the manufacturer; or
bank transfer to your account

The customer is also entitled to pay the service in another way; the above methods will ensure the fastest payment of the service.
The payment instructions (account number, variable symbol, amount, etc.) will be stated on the correct invoice based on the contractual relationship between the manufacturer and the customer. Overall price, resp. a deposit of 80% of the price is negotiated in the currency of the country where the producer has its seat (usually CZK) (hereinafter referred to as the „Czech crown“). The customer is entitled to the total price, resp. backups to the total price or the remaining part of the total price besides the Czech crown, also pay in EUR (European currency). Payment of the service at 20% of the stated price in the bid and the contract will be payable upon completion of the service.
The maturity and other arrangements will be set out in a regular agreement between the manufacturer and the customer.
In the event that the service listed in the price offer is not accepted by the manufacturer for various reasons, in this case the broker does not make any mistakes and the customer is not entitled to provide further service mediation.

The broker is in no way responsible for the damage, other damage and / or other consequences caused by the customer not concluding the contract.

3.3 Amount of advance on the total price, payment of the remaining part of the total price

Payment of the 80% deposit from the quotation will be settled in the service contract between the manufacturer and the customer.
Making a 20% service from a quote will be settled in a service contract between the manufacturer and the customer when the service is completed.
In the context of good business name and ethics, the broker promises to pay attention to a high quality and reputable service from the manufacturer.


4. Changes to the agreed service

Changes to the agreed service over the price offer or changes in other terms of the contract are governed by the terms of the manufacturer.


5. Complaints

Because the customer is in a legal relationship exclusively with the manufacturer with whom the customer concludes a contract, he is responsible for the breach of obligations arising from the manufacturer’s contract. The provider is not responsible for the quality and scope of the service provided by the manufacturer; any customer service claims are made by the customer exclusively at the manufacturer. The provider is not authorized to handle service claims or manufacturer’s name.

The intermediary will provide the customer with a request for cooperation with a complaint handling service at the manufacturer.


6. Special provisions

By making a service order (quotation), the customer grants the intermediary the consent to process all of his or her personal data listed in the price offer and / or all documents submitted or submitted to the intermediary in connection with the mediation of the sale of the service (hereinafter referred to as „personal data“). The term processing of personal data according to the contract means the extent of the processing of personal data pursuant to § 4 let. e) of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data.

The Customer further agrees that the broker will process personal data (i) to mediate the conclusion of the contract, (ii) for the purpose of making them available to the manufacturer, and (iii) to address the customer in an irregular manner. The Customer agrees that the Provider is entitled to process personal data from the moment the order is made
services (quotations). Personal data may be processed for an indefinite period of time and are processed safely in an electronic database. Customer has the right to consent to processing
personal data pursuant to this article at any time in writing. The Customer confirms that he has been alerted to the right of access to personal data provided by the broker and other rights of the customer resulting from generally binding legal regulations governing the protection of personal data.

In the event that Customer requests mediation for third parties, the Service confirms that these third parties are authorized to provide their personal data and to provide consent to the processing of their personal data for the purpose and scope of this article.

VAZNIKY-STRECHY.EU – guarantees and provides this certificate for each contract

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